With close to 1 MILLION views on youtube award winning LGBTQ Shortfilm “In einem Moment” directed by Sharlin Lucia puts an emphesis on positive narratives in coming-of-age/coming-out stories

Germanys first historic webseries, Produced by LOTTE RUF , directed by MARK LOREI. Inspired by author Anette von Droste-Hülshoff , Haus Kummerveldt follow the story of Luise von Kummerveldt and her conflict with the patriarchy at the end of the 19th century, with a tiny pop and dark humour-twist.


We are proud to anounce that we are nominated in 8 CATEGORIES at DIE SERIALE festival

2019Haus Kummerveldt (Webserie) (WT)Seriesstill photographer
2019Von Zeit zu ZeitShort Filmstill photographer
2019Haus Kummerveldt (Webserie) (WT)Series2nd unit dop
2018It gets betterShort Filmstill photographer
2018In einem MomentShort Filmstill photographer
2018Behindert sagt man nicht (WT)Short Filmstill photographer
2018Waggon Nr. 7148 (WT)Education/Training Productionstill photographer
2015Die verlorene ErinnerungShort Filmstill photographer