Nothing I do is real, everything is a dreamsequence. This is a story about staged images,
fictional portraits and sceneries

“Get the moon a hat!” a farmer once said at the court of the king. “But why would you want the moon to have a hat?” the king asked. The farmer sat down in the hall of the court, took off his own hat and sighed. “When I was young my mother used to say, if you wink at the moon and wish for something the moon will wink back eventually to confirm your desires. And from that day on, every night I held my head up high waiting for the moon to answer.” The king looked at the farmer with genuine interest calling off his guards who were ready to put the farmer into the dungeon. “And did the moon answer you?” asked the king. The farmer sighed again and threw his hat up in the air. “NO, NEVER.” He was clearly upset about being held back of his answers of what he had wished for. He let his hat fall on the floor. “But what if…” He took his hat again to put it on his head. “What if the moon doesn’t want to wink?” A round of whispering filled the halls of the court. Confusion written on the face of the king. “What if the moon wants to bow and needs a hat?”